Synthesizer V


Announcing Web Synthesizer V

You need Chrome (version 77 and up) to view the content.
Double click to create a note / Double click a note to enter lyrics / Click the measures to set playhead / Press spacebar to play.
For the first time, a full fledged singing editor is running in the browser.


How could this web technology be helpful?

Think about every time we release a new update. Just open the web page, and everything is there.

We can make experimental changes and get instant feedback from the users.

All these will happen at an unprecedented speed.

Is this the 2nd generation Synthesizer V?

We consider Web Synthesizer V an important milestone towards the second release, which is scheduled later this year.

Some of the new features from the second release are already present (e.g. deep neural network based aspiration modeling).

Does it mean that future releases will all be web-based?

Certainly not. Desktop apps still run faster and do more.

The web version is not a replacement but a great addition to the eco system.

Will it support Firefox, Safari, ...?

Some of the technologies we are using are very, very new that only Chrome and Firefox (nightly build) so far have full support.

In the next few years, we expect them to be supported by all mainstream browsers.

Will there be save project features and etc.?

At this point Web Synthesizer V is targeting users who want a quick hands-on experience with the latest technology.

For any serious production, we recommend the desktop version.

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Behind the Scenes

In the process of developing Web Synthesizer V, we also ported JUCE framework to the web platform via Emscripten toolchain. Our modifications are made open source and you can use it to get any JUCE application running in the browser!

Join Dreamtonics

For those of you in the greater Tokyo area

Are you interested in joining us to create the next technological wonder?

C++ Developer Maintain and add new features to the editor; bug shooting and unit testing.
Voice Creator Manage recording sessions in the studio; create and maintain voice databases.

Replies and instructions will be sent every Friday;

salary to be discussed at interview.