Synthesizer V


Join Dreamtonics

  • 3-1-6 Motoazabu. Minato-ku. Tokyo 106-0046.

    BLINK Community 2F.

    10 mins walk from Roppongi Station.

  • Dreamtonics aims at building the best singing voice synthesizer.

    Being the best means more than generating the most natural sounding voice. On the top of excellent audio quality, we offer an integrated, seamless and no-nonsense editing experience that speeds up the workflow and brings the fun back to digital voice production.

    Dreamtonics is looking for an experienced Software Engineer to work on the graphical user interface for the next iteration of our flagship product, Synthesizer V. This is an opportunity to join us as one of the founding members and to take our next project from blueprints to completion.

    This is a full-time* position. Salary will be in the range of 7 to 8 million yen / year.

    * with 1-3 months trial

  • Responsibilities

    • Work with team members to implement, build and test various UI components.
    • Understand and address the requirements of the synthesis backend.
    • Maintain the codebase on multiple platforms (Windows, macOS and Linux).
    • Continuously debug and troubleshoot by communicating with our users.
    • Adhere and recommend improvements to project coding standards.
    • Collaborate on design decision-making.
  • Requirements

    • 5+ years experience working on C++ applications.
    • Able to write efficient, portable and well-structured code.
    • Experience with one of the desktop GUI frameworks (e.g. Qt, wxWidgets, JUCE, ...)
    • Strong analytical problem solving skills.
    • Strong communication skills.
  • Bonus Points

    • Experience with JUCE framework.
    • Experience with C and Python.
    • Musical background or familiarity with audio production.
  • Other Requirements

    • Japanese nationality or valid residential status.
    • Language: intermediate English; Japanese skill a plus.